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Elder Dillon Haughton first week in Thailand

Hey!! Okay so here are the proceedings of the last week. Im in Thailand!! And it is amazing! imagine Africa mixed with Asian people and much more green im literally in a jungle! and sweating ever ounce of that reality haha! so its starts off the plane ride! which we practically sprinted out of the MTC for joy and then realized…..wait this thing goes for 14 hours 😦 but it was alot of fun. It was the nicest and biggest plan I had ever been on let alone the first time being out of the United States hee hee.

So yeah, what goes on in the first airport a chinese man touring salt lake (dont ask me why, cali is where its at!) comes up to us interested in our church so we taught him and placed my first book of mormon! Then the next 14 hours were nothing but trying not to look at the other passengers T.V screens and making sure the food wouldnt get on my tie during turbulance! But the outside of the plane was beautiful and I realize now how everything in asian culture is designed to be either super flashy or super cute and there is no balance between the two. Hong Kong airport! just a big mall with every other store selling Big Headed Cartoons with penny slits for eyes hahaha. But we finally made it to Thailand and had our Dan Jones experience were we try to place a book of mormon on our first day. I went out with Elder Crawley and we found this one lady underneath a tin shed. We talked and as I bore testimony of the Book of Mormon this mailstrom or for lack of better words FREAKIN CRAZY RAINSTORM kicks in and starts pounding on us. Which every drop hitting the tin shelting sounding like a gun shot. My companion leans and says “Satan!! Keep going!” and leaves me talking while he goes and hails a cab. I convinced her to take the book and bore strong testimoiny of its truth and look up to see Elder Crawley Inside a cab yelling “come on!” so I leep (quite heroically) into the rain and Dive (not an exageration) into the cab. It felt like a scene from Call of Duty way sick.

Two things I’ve noticed about cars, The seatbelts arnt in the car as much for your protection as they are to keep you in the seat as the driver takes turns at 90 miles an hour. So fun. and the billboards are 6 times the size of the ones back home!.
So yeah we eat at the mission presidents home. The most amazing fruit you’ll ever eat. The Bannas alone taste like Heaven. I cant remeber the specific dish though we ate I was falling asleep during most of it. But anyways I got my new ompanion Elder Todd he’s really great and helping me along pretty good. I’m called to serve in Chaing Rai which is the celestial Kingdom of Thailand. The bus ride up here wasnt t bad at all. The bus stations look alot like airports and even the bus drivers wear pilot uniforms haha i thought that was funny. The people here are super sweet we told them they didnt have to get my bike on the bus but could send it up on a truck but the lady insited she could fit it, and painstacking shoved it in there. It was really sweet. The people here dont like to work at all but when they do work they do it right. So 11 hours on the bus later I’m in Chaing Rai and it is soooooo amazing. Words cant describe, just imagine rustic looking street with cocunut trees everywhere and fruit and lizards bigger than your head haha. Our apartment is super sweet and we’ve got it all to oursleves since we are the only two missionaries in this area. A lot of guys got taken out it seems. Theres a lot to do here. We dont have a chapel and we need 14 more melchizedek preisthood holders to get one built here so that’s my goal for my time here. So yeah alot of tracting! and literaly you need to measure the sweat in gallons!

On Saturday the members have a family home evening we were invited to and we get to the spot were we all meet up and we all cram into the back of this van. four up front, 13 in the back it was so funny to see because it seems like such a common occurence to them. My nickname it seems given by the funniest lady alive Sister Gay is Elder Onethousand!! because apparetly it sounds like Haughton haha. But we get there and its the most open I’ve seen here and theres this huge mountain (well rock sticking out of the ground) in the distant (refer to picture) AMAZING. So we eat the most amazing of food and I get to meet all the memebers and they are so funny you wouldnt imagine! I’ve never seen such unity and such humble circumstances. Brother Bird (a 15 year old genius whose read all the standards works and it woring threw the Bible now) brought a guitar and I showed off playing it behind my head and all the memebers circled around going “OH GENG MAG GENG MAG” not quite sure what that means yet. The food they cooked was amazing! I accidently had some chips that had some shrimp in them though so I downed a ton of Coke just in case but nothing happened so the Lord truly is watching out for me (they say its good to drink Coke at least once a week to clear yourself out) haha so yeah but amazing food amazing people. Church was interesting. No one here seems to be able to sing its hilarious but you can stilll feel the spirit o strong it amazing. Of course they asked me to bear my testimony and I did super well (at least thats what they said) and they all come to speak to me afterwards and of course I cant understand a lick. I get asked a question I go “pude dii noyy day may krap” and they go “ohhh soorry, You speak no much Thai” and I go “Ohhhh krap” (thinking:great english buddy). It really is an adventure! we have a few investigors they’re great people and we are sincerly trying to show them all this gospel can do for them 🙂 I love this gospel and for the oppurtunity to serve chrit in such an amazing place. Biking is the best thing ever! It’s impossible to understand anyone!


Dillon leaves the MTC today!!

Hey mom 🙂 guess what?? I fly to Thailand today woo!! Ill call you guys in L.A.X and thanks for the phone number I didnt forget it but I think I will come Christmas time. It has gone by so fast it seems like yesturday you dropped me off and I was walking away all dramatically haha. Hey I relized during or departure devotional we are the people who have been here the longest in the MTC our language is the only 12 week program ( that gives you an understanding of how difficult the language is) haha but yeah I can email family in Thailand that includes sisters, brother and parents lol So during my time in the MTC ive partaken sacrament with an apostle present, sung in general conference, learned a new language, was visited by 6 of the 12 apostles (which is half of them!) my favorite of which was L tom Perry that man was hilarious!. It has been a blast though and ive changed alot, and I cannot wait to get to Thailand! Let everyone know I love them 🙂 ill call you guys tonight I get in LAX around 9 I think so probably around 9 30 will be whn i call just keep your phones near by you! 🙂

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