Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

Missionary Blog updated by Dillon's Mom

Dillon leaves the MTC today!!

Hey mom 🙂 guess what?? I fly to Thailand today woo!! Ill call you guys in L.A.X and thanks for the phone number I didnt forget it but I think I will come Christmas time. It has gone by so fast it seems like yesturday you dropped me off and I was walking away all dramatically haha. Hey I relized during or departure devotional we are the people who have been here the longest in the MTC our language is the only 12 week program ( that gives you an understanding of how difficult the language is) haha but yeah I can email family in Thailand that includes sisters, brother and parents lol So during my time in the MTC ive partaken sacrament with an apostle present, sung in general conference, learned a new language, was visited by 6 of the 12 apostles (which is half of them!) my favorite of which was L tom Perry that man was hilarious!. It has been a blast though and ive changed alot, and I cannot wait to get to Thailand! Let everyone know I love them 🙂 ill call you guys tonight I get in LAX around 9 I think so probably around 9 30 will be whn i call just keep your phones near by you! 🙂


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