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Elder Dillon Haughton 2nd Week in Thailand!

What up!! Another week in Thailand has flown by and guess what – got my first baptism!! Which is really impressive because we are in an area where baptisms rarely happen. But because of all your prayers and the wisdom of God, Brother Tee ที is getting baptized this Saturday 🙂 Should be a great experience and is definitely much needed up here.

Also, we are teaching a famous singer up here. She came to church this Sunday and she is totally golden! Her name is Mabrang and she got her first single here or at least I think that’s what she said . . . anyway.

This week was amazing! I love it here! We were out getting food at a snack stand and I go, “anee kxx alay?” (whats this?) and she goes, “Oh I love you!!” (really awkward as a missionary, but gosh do they love Americans over here). It was kind of weird at first because they’re so . . . well lack of a better word, “Handsy.” You’ll be teaching someone and just randomly they’ll put their hand on your leg (males – completely straight). Then we were teaching Terasack (a great man who we had to drop because his wife won’t let him change religions. So sad. . . I almost cried on the way home from that cause I loved the guy so much 😦 ). But after one lesson, I was walking out the door and he just smacks my butt! (haha). Elder Todd says don’t freak out its just something they do (lol).

The rain is something indescribable. You’ll be walking down the street, you’ll feel a rain drop on your head, then the next second its pouring – literally pounding you into the ground (haha). Its so much fun!! I just got a brand new planner and its already soaked through!!

They have some really interesting restaurants here as well. This one place called “Hot Pot” or “Muugatoc” we ate at. Its just a ton of meat laying out and they give you a pot of boiling water and you just dump the meat you want in and eat it! Pretty sketchy, but its ALL you can eat. Everything is sketchy you eat down here (lol). I mean every Sunday they bring food for after church and last week they brought a bag of dead crickets – just regular crickets and this little 6 year old was just eating them like candy! Of course I tried some . . . tasted like . . . well crickets . . . I liked it 🙂

So yeah last “Pii” Day we went to this crazy Buddhist Temple called the “White Wat.” I have some pictures! You can’t take pictures inside, but for some odd reason painted all over the walls were paintings of movie characters (Harry Potter, Jack Sparrow, Bumblebee, Aliens, Predators, Terminators). I guess they really love their movies (hahaha). I thought it was interesting how the feeling inside was the opposite of our temple. Instead of an overflow of the Spirit, it felt like a spot on the earth where the Spirit could never exist. It was scary and we got out of there as soon as possible. But it was reassuring of the reality of our temple as a part of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I miss going to temples already!

So “Hello” (sa wat dii krap). I’ve been using an up tone on “dii” which means (sadly) lesbian . . . so i’ve been saying something like, “Hello Lesbian” to almost everyone (explains alot of weird looks). Luckily my companion caught on a WEEK LATER!! The language is beautiful though and the people here are masters at it! I’m getting better and the Lord has blessed me with the gift of tongues in situations not a few (haha).

The thing i’ve seen mostly this week is the reality that God’s wisdom is greater then the cunning of the Devil. In every circumstance i’ve really seen that this week amongst rain storms, thunder, boiling heat, and people who have no understanding of a god – God works miracles today. I’ll never forget that. Serving a mission is the greatest thing anyone can do.

Today, I’m going to ride elephants 🙂


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