Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 4th letter from Thailand

Okay . . . sa wat di krap! Greetings from Thailand!

 (I’m going to make this one kind of short because I’d like to email more to my family and I’ll email more for others next week).

This week was great number wise – taught a ton of lessons and met some great new people, but kind of a bust because a lot of those strong investigators we had are falling off the grid. But the church is true and I’m loving every moment here 🙂

    Cool things this week:

 – I had food that sets your face on fire, known as “ewsan.” It tastes so good and I can already feel myself acclimating to spicy food (haha, love it!).

-The dogs are out! There are these crazy white dogs that live by my house here and they love chasing us. They usually go for Elder Todd. I either laugh or try to hit the things with my bike (gotta protect your “comp”). But one night one dog “gunned” it for me and I’ll be honest . . . you talk a lot about kicking them in the face . . . instead, I screamed like a girl (hahaha). But now I’m ready and I ain’t taking no prisoners!!

– Our most fortunate blessing from heaven is a 10 year old kid scheduled for baptism on the 7th of next month. His name is Brother Bird. We committed him to read and like two days later the kid is on 2 Nephi 27. I’ve been reading the Thai scriptures for 2 months now and I’m only on 1 Nephi 17 (LOL). Great book though in both languages.

So, today we are going to have an investigator who owns a restaurant teach us how to cook Thai food (yumm!). This will be better than last week when we went shopping and I was too stingy to buy anything. Afterwards, we plan to sit out by the river here because I want to draw it 🙂

So yeah, the work here is still going up. I LOVE the people, especially when they help with teaching (haha). We were supposed to only be teaching the commandments with one of our investigators and it’s so funny when the members start all of the sudden talking about the law of chastity and temples (hahaha . . . shear panick!) But in a funny sort of way things always pan out though 🙂

I see miracles every day and I’m surprised everyday and I love everyday 🙂 ImageImage


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2 thoughts on “Elder Dillon Haughton 4th letter from Thailand

  1. Roy and Angela Wilbanks on said:

    Wonderful to vicariously live your experiences! Look forward to each chapter and to “see” the Lord’s hand. Love, GPa and Gma W.

  2. James Rajacich on said:

    Elder Haughton,
    Just remember that you don’t need to outrun the dogs, just your companion! haha. Keep up the good work and just return home without any regrets!

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