Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 5th Letter from Thailand

Hey everybody! Crazy week. So we’ve been teaching this one ten year old kid named brother bird….yes that’s his real name we are also teaching a guy named pond, da, and leg….but anyways so bird lives pretty far away and we’ve had to bike in crazy rain to his house more than once which is fun, especially because I’ve mastered the ability to ride with no handlebars woo ahh! But not fun when the rain is pounding the opposite way and it feels like your thighs are bleeding because there so soar LOL! Worth it when you get there and the members look at you like your a crazy person. “you guys okay?’ “yeah why? ” “because your soaked…..duh” they hate rain over here they think if it touches your head you’ll get sick haha.

Anyway things are great over here, I have a constant war going on with the ants in our house that is almost in its final stages, I just need to pull a Teancum and kill there leader. So exciting stories for the week besides the crazy bike ride. Yesturday we heard one of our investigators got shot by his father. We freak out and call him, turns out his father was drunk and shot off some rounds in the air, which the members heard, scary stuff. We have to be more careful with how we teach him if the fathers around now. Other than that it’s been pretty sane. Except I helped one of the members on her English homework and apparently I did it wrong (you try doing English homework when the instructions are in a different language)!! So now she doesn’t believe I’m a Falung or a Khon Thai lol.

We’ve visited some interesting places, seen some very beautiful weather. There is this one street were we teach this new investigator and that street it seems is always just so peaceful and has such a great view of the mountains and the sun shining through the clouds, I thought I was looking into heaven. If that street was longer I’d tract it for a month, but other people need this message to, actuallly everyone does. Another great thing about Thailand that just kinda hit was how strong these members here are. They are living in a place were everyone, everyone around them is Buddhist, and there church is this three story rented building when on every other street are these huge golden wates with this fancy architecture and golden statues inside and we ask of them so much, we ask them to give up there time, there jobs (because everyone works on Sunday here except the members), there family that often times hate them for loving Christ, for loving light over dark….and we are treated as angels for it. We are teaching this 20 year old, named leg who loves our message. He reads and prayers and holds all these teachings about Christ as truth without any stubborness, and he loves god, and we are 19 year old kids. He looks to us as the wisest men on the planet because of what we teach. We don’t ask you to give up anything God does, he asks it because he knows how much it will bless you when you give it up! So I’m not afraid to extend this message to the people here. I’m not afriad to be a missionary because I KNOW what im offering, which is peace to the soul and knowleage that Jesus is the Christ the same today, yesturday and forever. These people here, though small in number know that better than I ever did in an audience of hundreds back in amazing Apple Valley. Give all you are to God and you will get to know him, and this is wisdom, so I encourage everyone, everywhere, be wise 🙂


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One thought on “Elder Dillon Haughton 5th Letter from Thailand

  1. Roy and Angela Wilbanks on said:

    “I thought I was looking into heaven.” Inspiration for our well-being! Isn’t it marvelous. “I KNOW…” Confidence, assurance, TESTIMONY/FAITH-keep up the GOOD work, Gson. Love, Gpa & Gma.

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