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Elder Dillon Haughton 9th Letter from Thailand


So this week has been . . . exciting (haha). We have this investigator who is a Kung Fu teacher and he has been teaching me some moves (Whaaa!!). He showed us a move – how to disarm six attacking people at once (Lol). Way cool!

Also it’s been raining like a banshee down here! It’s amazing, but frustrating when your backpack gets hammered from it and breaks. I was in an investigator’s house and dropped the backpack from my shoulder to my arm and it just “PLOP” smacked the floor (way frustrating, because I loved that thing 😦 haha). So fun though. That investigator is Brother Thaa and he’s fourteen and way solid! He’s practically a part of the branch now, but he’s got to go for two more months (because he’s a minor) before he can get baptized. So he’s looking forward to September (haha). But we’ve been working on his parents who are not interested, but love us! Everytime we go over to teach they start cooking us food and sometimes we’ve gotta physically stop them from feeding us because we don’t have time to eat food. But they always send us home with bags of fruit. mostly dragon fruit (which Elder Todd can’t stand so that’s always fun 🙂 – sack full of fruit with my name on it I don’t mind 🙂 or “Ngok” which is my favorite fruit here and very strange looking! (look it up on Google it’s amazing!).

Great story: We’re teaching a lesson to one of our investigators, and it’s pelting rain outside, when the door slams open and this guy stumbles in plastered drunk (haha). He comes over and tries speaking and tries walking, but can’t seem to remember if he’s a man or a jellyfish (haha). So he sits next to me. He’s soaking wet from the rain, and I’m trying to get him to quiet down so we can finish our lesson with a prayer. The closing prayer is offered with him muttering somewhat and we are walking out when he steals one of the members helping us teach shoes (haha). So I haul him out of those and then he goes to hug one of the sisters helping us so I hooked my arm under his and walked him back very forcibly back inside the house (totally possible seeing he’s drunk and short and I’m 6′ 2″) lol. The investigators family just laughed and helped the guy settle down.

Also had an eight year old baptized this week (way cool to see and to feel that spirit when he bore his testimony).
Most of the way exciting stuff that happened this week involved biking in the rain, dodging traffic to get to appointments (way fun) and Kung Fu from our investigator who with the flick of his wrist can send a chair flying into position (haha . . . his name is “Form” by the way).

On a more spiritual note this week – being a missionary is very hard. I am a stranger in the strangest of lands for sure. The language is tough, the culture is tough, giving all of yourself to God is tough, being an example is tough, but nothing is impossible to God. His hand is in this work and there’s not a day where I don’t see a miracle from him, and yes see the little miracles: the perfect amount of money with you today; rain all the sudden stopping for an investigator to come to church; someone calling you right after you prayed for it. But big miracles too, people changing everything they are for the mere chance that this could be true – healed from sicknesses (amazing things!). Everyday is a blessing that’s why it’s called the “present” and there surely is no greater time 🙂

Thailand is amazing, and things are going to get more amazing with this Asian Union thing going down. Everyone is way stoked about that too which could bring a lot of opportunity for a temple over here 🙂 Pray for it people!!


Elder Dillon Haughton 8th Letter from Thailand

Hello everyone! It’s been an insane week!

The rain has really picked up, which means we are doing all we can from stopping the church from flooding!

So yeah, it was a slow week number-wise, but a lot of big things happened – starts off with the members wanting us to teach English at this hotel where most of them work (they didn’t tell us what they really wanted us to do besides teach English). So we show up and Sister Gay says, “Teach them how to impress ‘falungs’ [name for white foreigners] that come here.” So we get into where we are going to teach and it’s this huge room with microphones and projectors, and our names on plaques (haha . . . which I made sure I got to keep the paper for a memory). But seeing all the cool stuff and them bringing food to us, I’m thinking sweet! This will be awesome! Until I realize . . . oh yeah, we’ve got nothing planned . . . and that’s when I realized, I have acting skills (Thank You MR. CHURCHILL for those!!). Because it turns out they wanted us to teach for three hours (LOL). It was a lot of fun. We taught them how to say, “Sir” and “Ma’am” and the importance of the difference between, “Food” and “Fool” (LOL). Afterwards, they came up with these presents they had for us which turned out to be some way cool Asian clothes! So all-in-all a good day!

Later that night we were biking in the bloody rain to an appointment and the investigator wasn’t there. So we bike back home and not even a minute into biking, Elder Todd decides to throw on his breaks and we crash into each other (haha) saying, “Hey we’ve gotta to teach these guys” (referring to two guys sitting outside a side shop). So we end up getting to talk with them and teach them a lesson, and out of nowhere this girl comes out of the shop and yells, “OH ELDERS!!” (we are thinking, “Oh crap . . . who else has the name Elder around here,” because we don’t recognize this girl). She comes up during our lesson and says, “Hey remember me??” (in Thai, but I’m sure most people who read this can’t read Thai, haha). It turns out she was one of the girls we taught English at the hotel that day (haha). Crazy coincidences like that are all over the place when you’re out here.

Another crazy story:
We go out to teach an investigator, DAA, who lives a “billion,gillion” miles away. We get out there and he’s not home. So we walk a ways out and find this field of “Kwai” (water buffalo). So we go out and try to touch them, but they are huge and don’t seem very nice. So we try to touch a nicer one, but he quickly becomes mean. Then we turn around and see the member (Brother Go) who came to help us teach, just touching the meanest Kwai! So we run over and he helps us pet them (haha). Way neat! Petting wild water buffalo 🙂 Brother DAA did come back and we had a great lesson. He is a minor so he has to wait three months going to church to be baptized, but he seems very committed and has some great questions so keep him in your prayers 🙂

Also we have a new investigator who is from the hill tribes and she speaks that language, Thai and Chinese, but can’t really read any of them! She is really great too, and loves coming to church 🙂 Keep this place in all your prayers, it’s beautiful and the people are amazing. AKA BUUMOO!!

Elder Dillon Haughton 7th Letter from Thailand

Hey 🙂

So this week went great. It’s definitely raining alot more and it’s . . . FUN!! We as Elders just found out there is a gaping hole in our church that pretty much is the worst “bouncer” for rain ever and just lets it all in! Luckily the hole is next to the font so we can easily fill the trashcan up and dump it into the baptismal font then quickly save some souls all during the same rain shower (hahaha). But things are great!

Fourth of July was fun eating “mugatot!” This is a free buffett thing where they just have meat laying out (sketchy) and you just grill it at your table and eat. It’s sooooo good!! We taught some good lessons and I showed my “sport” by wearing three ties of red, white and blue for nightly planning (which are the colors of the Thai flag as well).

Also last “P” day I went out and bought my first suit (wanting to get one in my first area) and fearing that I was going to be transferred because I love this place so much! (I didn’t get transferred – still in Chiang Rai!) It cost about 3,000 bath…which is 90 dollars (GREAT PRICE!).

But I found out my parents were right because I’m starting to like the taste of diet pepsi because you need to drink it to keep yourself regular with all the sketchy food (haha). I also found out I have my mothers gift in bartering for stuff – of course it’s alot harder in Thai, but I still get the job done ( that suit would have been 100 dollars otherwise -10 bucks woo!)

So yeah, I’m loving it out here. We have some great investigators who are so funny. I really feel myself becoming a better missionary each day and I can go a good 15 minutes listening to any conversation in Thai – understanding everything before I get too tired and my brain fries (haha). It’s really hard!! But so fun when they understand you, and especially because the members are teaching me the northern dialect from Thai which, if you speak it, to someone up here they instantly think your good at Thai. This is great, until they start speaking back at you using words like ramiisamititpapkongthan (haha). When in doubt say “khrap!” Loving it!”

There have been some hard days, but totally outweighed by what we are getting done up here 🙂 We are teaching this one family and the dad expressed to us how much he loves having Americans in his house. How he had never had any white people over before. It’s only been a week and he has already read to Alma 58 (haha). His family lives super far away (over 23 kilometers), so it’s an adventure going out there everytime we go 🙂

So yeah 🙂 sa wat dii nea! choc dii khrap phom

Elder Dillon Haughton 6th Letter from Thailand

Hey everyone 🙂

So last “P” day, at the spur of the moment, we decided to go ride ostriches and can I tell you it is the funniest thing ever! They are so weird looking and fast as heck! Let me tell you the funnest thing ever!!! I’m definitely buying a fleet of these and conquering Europe via ostriche!! Woooo!

But anyways . . . been a great week – have learned alot and made some good progress with our investigators, just wish we could move some of them along faster, but it really is the Lord’s timing, not mine.

So yesterday we went down to Chiang Mai to see the new mission president. President Senior is a really great, great, great man. When he was up on the podium, I thought I saw a glimpse of my father and that’s when I knew this guy was going to do some great stuff here. He’s got my full trust and he’s already really good at the language. But all great men still need help so if he can be in all your prayers that would help a ton :).

So we have this meet and greet and President Senior calls me up to the stage and relates how we met in the MTC to everyone (My parents know this story and should be able to rehearse it to you so ask them ). But he tells that story with me up there and just tells everyone what a bold, great missionary he knew I would be ( made me feel pretty good). So I know his expectations of me here and I’ll do all I can to meet those expectations :).

President Senior talked about something else very interesting about how, “eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man, how great of the things the Lord has prepared in the Kingdom for those that love Him.” And he talked about the megapixels the human eye can see, the symphonies ears can hear, inspirations that can enter our hearts – what can be better? I think of how beautiful it is here, with rolling forested hills, jungles as far as the eye can see, sunsets to die for, and rain to die in (haha). I think of trumpeting elephants and that weird sound ostriches make that really has no alphabatized form (most of the Thai language as well – which is coming along great ). I think of miracles, and pure joy when someone tells you they know it’s true. I can’t imagine anything better. But I’ll love God more than myself all my days to find out. Thailand is amazing, the food is amazing, people are hilarious, companions are exactly that – Elder Todd is great :). I love it here! Men who read this, serve missions! Do all you can to serve missions! Kill yourself if you must! There is nothing better!

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