Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 7th Letter from Thailand

Hey 🙂

So this week went great. It’s definitely raining alot more and it’s . . . FUN!! We as Elders just found out there is a gaping hole in our church that pretty much is the worst “bouncer” for rain ever and just lets it all in! Luckily the hole is next to the font so we can easily fill the trashcan up and dump it into the baptismal font then quickly save some souls all during the same rain shower (hahaha). But things are great!

Fourth of July was fun eating “mugatot!” This is a free buffett thing where they just have meat laying out (sketchy) and you just grill it at your table and eat. It’s sooooo good!! We taught some good lessons and I showed my “sport” by wearing three ties of red, white and blue for nightly planning (which are the colors of the Thai flag as well).

Also last “P” day I went out and bought my first suit (wanting to get one in my first area) and fearing that I was going to be transferred because I love this place so much! (I didn’t get transferred – still in Chiang Rai!) It cost about 3,000 bath…which is 90 dollars (GREAT PRICE!).

But I found out my parents were right because I’m starting to like the taste of diet pepsi because you need to drink it to keep yourself regular with all the sketchy food (haha). I also found out I have my mothers gift in bartering for stuff – of course it’s alot harder in Thai, but I still get the job done ( that suit would have been 100 dollars otherwise -10 bucks woo!)

So yeah, I’m loving it out here. We have some great investigators who are so funny. I really feel myself becoming a better missionary each day and I can go a good 15 minutes listening to any conversation in Thai – understanding everything before I get too tired and my brain fries (haha). It’s really hard!! But so fun when they understand you, and especially because the members are teaching me the northern dialect from Thai which, if you speak it, to someone up here they instantly think your good at Thai. This is great, until they start speaking back at you using words like ramiisamititpapkongthan (haha). When in doubt say “khrap!” Loving it!”

There have been some hard days, but totally outweighed by what we are getting done up here 🙂 We are teaching this one family and the dad expressed to us how much he loves having Americans in his house. How he had never had any white people over before. It’s only been a week and he has already read to Alma 58 (haha). His family lives super far away (over 23 kilometers), so it’s an adventure going out there everytime we go 🙂

So yeah 🙂 sa wat dii nea! choc dii khrap phom


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