Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 8th Letter from Thailand

Hello everyone! It’s been an insane week!

The rain has really picked up, which means we are doing all we can from stopping the church from flooding!

So yeah, it was a slow week number-wise, but a lot of big things happened – starts off with the members wanting us to teach English at this hotel where most of them work (they didn’t tell us what they really wanted us to do besides teach English). So we show up and Sister Gay says, “Teach them how to impress ‘falungs’ [name for white foreigners] that come here.” So we get into where we are going to teach and it’s this huge room with microphones and projectors, and our names on plaques (haha . . . which I made sure I got to keep the paper for a memory). But seeing all the cool stuff and them bringing food to us, I’m thinking sweet! This will be awesome! Until I realize . . . oh yeah, we’ve got nothing planned . . . and that’s when I realized, I have acting skills (Thank You MR. CHURCHILL for those!!). Because it turns out they wanted us to teach for three hours (LOL). It was a lot of fun. We taught them how to say, “Sir” and “Ma’am” and the importance of the difference between, “Food” and “Fool” (LOL). Afterwards, they came up with these presents they had for us which turned out to be some way cool Asian clothes! So all-in-all a good day!

Later that night we were biking in the bloody rain to an appointment and the investigator wasn’t there. So we bike back home and not even a minute into biking, Elder Todd decides to throw on his breaks and we crash into each other (haha) saying, “Hey we’ve gotta to teach these guys” (referring to two guys sitting outside a side shop). So we end up getting to talk with them and teach them a lesson, and out of nowhere this girl comes out of the shop and yells, “OH ELDERS!!” (we are thinking, “Oh crap . . . who else has the name Elder around here,” because we don’t recognize this girl). She comes up during our lesson and says, “Hey remember me??” (in Thai, but I’m sure most people who read this can’t read Thai, haha). It turns out she was one of the girls we taught English at the hotel that day (haha). Crazy coincidences like that are all over the place when you’re out here.

Another crazy story:
We go out to teach an investigator, DAA, who lives a “billion,gillion” miles away. We get out there and he’s not home. So we walk a ways out and find this field of “Kwai” (water buffalo). So we go out and try to touch them, but they are huge and don’t seem very nice. So we try to touch a nicer one, but he quickly becomes mean. Then we turn around and see the member (Brother Go) who came to help us teach, just touching the meanest Kwai! So we run over and he helps us pet them (haha). Way neat! Petting wild water buffalo 🙂 Brother DAA did come back and we had a great lesson. He is a minor so he has to wait three months going to church to be baptized, but he seems very committed and has some great questions so keep him in your prayers 🙂

Also we have a new investigator who is from the hill tribes and she speaks that language, Thai and Chinese, but can’t really read any of them! She is really great too, and loves coming to church 🙂 Keep this place in all your prayers, it’s beautiful and the people are amazing. AKA BUUMOO!!


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One thought on “Elder Dillon Haughton 8th Letter from Thailand

  1. Roy and Angela Wilbanks on said:

    Crazy coincidences!!!???!!! We will pray for Br. DAA, the new investigator and for the area BUUMOO. With love, GPa & GMa W.

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