Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 11th Letter from Thailand

Hey, sound’s like things are good back home. We’ve been watching Finding Faith in Christ in Thai which is way interesting haha! I recommend watching it to get a feel for what the language is like. Seeing that garden which was sooooo beautiful! The Thai people are very good with architecture and agriculture ;). Things are great, I love serving a mission and love having this amazing opportunity in Thailand. There’s no doubt its the hardest mission in the world but its definitely very rewarding :). We had a baptism this week planned but our investigator missed sacrament so we needed to push him back a week and we don’t think Elder Todd will be here because transfers are next week as well :/. Going to be weird getting a new comp lol we’ll see how that works.

Things are looking great on this side of the world though. Pretty rough week working our butts of in Chiang Rai very emotional especially with some of our investigators. Last P day went to this amazing garden and palace built for the old queen who helped the northern people. She’s a beloved figure up here. Other than that, the language has come along great this last week, never had time to buy a recording device but the language still is coming along great ;). I can understand mostly everything and speak. I thought knowing another language would involve me needing to translate everything into English in my head to understand but it mostly is just internalized in your brain and you understand what to say. Its very weird haha but really fun 🙂 things are great its gotten hotter here mostly because little rain then the sun will come out and turn the place into a huge sauna haha which is hard. Alot of fun in a way 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Elder Dillon Haughton 11th Letter from Thailand

  1. Roy and Angela Wilbanks on said:

    Knowing that you “love serving…the hardest mission in the world and having this amazing opportunity in Thailand” is our joy! Keep up the work of “the Good News.” We love you, Gpa and Gma.

  2. Happy five month anniversary Elder Haughton!

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