Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

Missionary Blog updated by Dillon's Mom

Elder Dillon Haughton 12th Letter from Thailand

Hey. It’s very hot here but the crazy rain and lightning storms cool it down a little. This past week we were coming back from an appointment walk into the church, grab some water, and hear what sounds like a stamped!! We look out the front door and its raining harder than I have ever EVER seen or even thought it could rain before…. So Elder Todd and I get all excited “woo lets do it!” and the member with us is gearing up with raincoats preparing what looks like for World War 2 haha. That was way fun biking in that. On a bike the water got up about to our thighs which is a ton! We stop at this one intersection with a vent that was turning the street into a whirlpool barely got home alive it seemed lol way way fun :). Transfers are this week we are thinking this is our last P day together so we are making the most of it. We are going to go to the golden triangle in Chiang Ria. The work is going great. We’ve had a lot to work on, mostly with me being more serious, and Elder Todd being less serious lol. The branch is strong, we are finding many prepared people that just needing more time then we thought. Forgetting our selves and following Gods will. Improving everyday and loving when you’ve really taught by the spirit 🙂 I love it. Oh and I ate squid so I’m not allergic to that :). They rolled the squid in dough and fried it. They looked like evalskevers so i got all excited and threw on in my mouth and low and behold….it didn’t taste anything like an evalskevers….haha but yeah I’m not allergic to that 🙂 it was pretty good just chewy This week was Mothers Day in Thailand missed my mom big time I’ll call you during American Mothers Day Mom 🙂

I’m so thankful to be sent to such a blessed land with people being prepared and such, Chiang Ria has always had a reputation of being slow and hard (but beautiful area) but we’ve done a lot of good and following the scout motto. Leaving it much better then how we found it ☺. I’ve learned a lot here. A couple of languages that can get me by and we have a member from mainland china that will be teaching Chinese every Sunday so maybe I’ll learn some of that ;). I hope to get more baptism before I leave this area we have a lot of people who want it, we are just making sure they are ready and will stay active so that’s hard. You just want to BAPTIZE BAPTIZE but in the Lord’s time and in his stratagem 🙂 I love being a missionary the time is going by much to fast! I’m making the most out of it ;).


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