Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

Missionary Blog updated by Dillon's Mom

Elder Dillon Haughton 13th Letter from Thailand

HEY!! So this week was great!! Went to see the golden triangle (refer to pictures) Got some WAY comfortable pants/short/no idea what to call them, from a member here, they are a hill tribe thing they wear and I find myself wearing them whenever I get the opportunity because they are so comfortable!! They kind of look like Aladdin pants but….different? I love em 🙂 also got a new companion, Elder Todd is gone and I miss that guy terribly we had some great times! My new companion is well nothing like him and its very hard for me to adapt to a new personality but I think its great……If Elder Todd could put up with me I can do this hahaha! No baptisms but we do have some members from china that will be teaching Chinese every Sunday to our branch and our branch loves it. After class all anyone was saying was ni hao! ni hao! ni hao maa?? wo hen hao haha way funny. So its good learning some of that. We have some solid investigators but some other ones who are falling under :/ which is depressing especially when you really love them, but you either do this or you don’t no real gray zone, and I’ve really seen that. You either follow Christ or you wont have his spirit to be with you, or keep a remission of your sins which is also very important.
So our AC was broken. We had to sleep in our study room, I was all for filling our room with fans and keeping the windows open, but my comp said he would literally die so we dragged our mattresses to our study room and slept in their for the last two nights haha. Luckily this morning a team of about 6 short Thai men (who reminded me of Mario for some odd reason) came and fixed it real quick so we are back in our room! Woo! There has been some very hard prayers recently and some very sacred experience where your knees hit the ground so hard in prayer and all you can do is believe in God cause there’s nothing else you can do except leave things in Gods hands. Then we see impossibilities become possible threw his grace and you cant help but praise God and cant help but cry with joy;) its amazing 🙂 WOO

I got to see the river that divides Laos, Burma, and Thailand and even some mountains of China. Loving being a missionary and speaking crazy languages I’m getting better at speaking the northern dialect and the people love it haha 😉 yes things are great 🙂


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