Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 18th Letter from Thailand

I am amazing. Things are amazing. I’m better from my sickness. My voice is back fully. Brother Form and Tha were baptized this Saturday and I got to baptize Brother Tha 🙂 my Thai isn’t as good as I thought because I needed to do the ordinance three times hahahaha way embarrassing but memorable non the less :). This Sunday, well this Sunday I knelt down in prayer, and reflecting on the examples of some members here, and began to weep. I was consumed with the love of God and ever since that prayer and the experience I’ve had a change of heart, With a determination to not do evil, to be exactly obedient, to fear god and recognize my own nothingness in all things I do. I will praise my God forever for that experience and what I felt during that prayer. I walked back into the room were Elder Osborne was face all swollen from crying hahaha and just said DUDE!! I love God so much!! I’ve really gotten close to Elder Osborne during this time. It is sad because I might be moving :/ I love Chiang Rai so much! This morning we woke up at 2 am to go see the sunrise on the tallest mountain in Thailand. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay pretty 🙂 most incredible thing I’ll probably ever see. Hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂 Your Elder Haughton 🙂


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One thought on “Elder Dillon Haughton 18th Letter from Thailand

  1. Ruedemas burom on said:

    at this moment you don’t stay in chiang rai when you gone really
    in this here very alone don’t have who action funny .
    Chaing Rai love you so much.

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