Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 19th letter from Thailand

Ha….Ha….Ha so I got transferred right. My new area had a girl getting baptized, she’s fifteen and had been going to church for 3 weeks. She had passed her interview and everything was set up for the baptism Saturday (I got here Friday) and apparently they didn’t know the rule that if there younger than 16 they have to go to church for 3 months if they’re family isn’t getting baptized with them…….So I told my new companion that rule and we tried to get special permission from the district leader, then the zone leader then the assistance and I think it even went to the mission president. No one wants to tell a 15 year old girl who’s ready to get baptized the next day you’ve gotta wait another 2 months!! But we couldn’t get it throw so we had to cancel the baptism 😦 I had not have even met this girl yet but we needed to be obedient 😦 way sad and I’m pretty sure my new companion does not like me because of that that and my Thai is still very bad. But we are working it out. My new area is great! Mahasarakham down in the Isaan and a lot of fun! The sky is always full of dust like I’ve never seen before and there are girls everywhere! There is a lot of beautiful ponds and rice fields everywhere! This Sunday was a Buddhist holiday here that had something to do with fireworks. So everywhere there were kids blowing stuff up haha a lot of fun hopefully none of them got hurt….unlikely…..
Its great here 🙂 the members are way way sweet, I hope I can get as close to them as I was in Chiang Rai. I miss them all so much and there will always be little things that remind me of them up there. LACTOSOY 5 BATH or CHANG CHANG CHANG nong curry hen chang ree plow? Or even whenever someone speaks Chinese or the northern dialect I’m just like hey hey come back haha! Great times which I’m sure none of you understand If anyone from Chiang Rai is reading this Know I love you guys so much! Keep the work going and know I’m praying for you all 🙂 Oh, and everyone else…..how was your weekend? 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Elder Dillon Haughton 19th letter from Thailand

  1. Ruedemas burom on said:

    thank to served elder you the best i believe.
    i need listen you sing LACTOSOY 5 BATH and CHANG CHANG CHANG haha very funny.
    chiang Rai love you so much , never forget you because you the best in the world .
    hope to see you in soon.
    thank for faith good example.

    …..from insane Chaing Rai.

  2. Ruedemas burom on said:

    i know god love you so much and i know you love god .
    and the last read alma 37:36-37 i love this title.

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