Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 22nd Letter from Thailand

HEY!! So this entire month has been crazy!! So in the beginning of the month we thought it was just a week long festival where kids play with fireworks and light off lanterns in the sky, but after the week it didn’t stop and turns out its a month long event and on the 30th they all light off lanterns. Over time the little firecrackers, have become fireworks and fireworks have just become full size bombs haha! We’ll just be studying or biking and you’ll just hear these random explosions go off! October in Thailand it’s crazy (the bombs are toys though, not terrorist related what so ever although I hear kids blow there fingers off all the time). We as missionaries aren’t aloud to play with explosive 😦 but we have been doing a lot with lantern lighting, its way fun and sometimes I do find myself singing “Now at last I see the light and its like the fog has lifted!” and so on. We’ve seen a lot of progress in investigators and getting new ones and really just stabilizing the work here for us. It’s a lot of fun! Also this week has been Week JADE which is a Chinese holiday were every one doesn’t eat meat at all, that “some” Thai people do it last about 10 days and I made it one whole day!! But they snuck in some meat in my guitio so I finally gave in hahaha. There’s all this free vegan food going around and we went and tried it out on Friday and well I and seems like 75% of the branch got food poisoning from it haha so Saturday night I was stuck on the toilet all night (sorry in Thai culture its not weird to talk about toilet or diarrhea, or stuff of that sort) managed to make it to church though and had a ton of people there! God is definitely in the work.
Also my younger Sister asked me a question awhile back that I’ve finally just got the answer too. What’s the hardest thing about being on a mission? It’s meeting new people, helping them change, helping them be baptized, helping them understand truth and seeing how much it blesses them, making friends and even family and then having to say goodbye…..there are some days when I really miss those in Chiang Rai, the people back home you’ll see again but the people you meet on your mission you can only pray threw Gods grace you’ll get to see them again. It’s a daunting prospect and I wish I understood it before coming on a mission. But it can’t stop you from loving the people with all your heart, because Christ had to leave his friends and loved ones too. Maybe it just prepares us to be more like him :). I’m grateful for this time of my life, to be a servant of the Savior j Jesus Christ, I know he lives and that through him we all might live and see our friends, our families again and when we stand at the judgment bar of God we will be surprised at how many we have not forgotten :).


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One thought on “Elder Dillon Haughton 22nd Letter from Thailand

  1. Rhonda Mortensen on said:

    What a sweet young man! Glad Dillion is doing well, and enjoying his mission journey!


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