Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 25th Letter From Thailand

Things have been way crazy this week, going down to Bangkok, swapping companions and going all the way back, my new companion was actually in the MTC with me. He was the group ahead of me, Elder Bennett. So we have an Elder on transfers 6 and an Elder on transfers 5 here in a tough area, but we know what we are doing! This last Saturday we were biking and a bug flew into my eye (a huge bug) and my eye swelled up way bad. Bought some antibiotic eye drops and slept on it but didn’t look better so we went to the hospital on Sunday haha (first Thai hospital experience) and they were much more friendly than American doctors and nurses which I loved, but laying me on a table and squirting eye solution into my eye and giving me a ton of medicine to take, they said I got some eye damage…..I think lol it was a crazy situations but it looks a lot a lot better now so no need to worry. It was a good experience. We made it to church on time but my eye was still swollen then so I had to wear sun glasses to hide it which was way funny. Everyone called me MIB or Matrix haha that was actually way fun. So yeah the week has been kind of hard and we are back to having only a handful of investigators so the month is looking like a stress but life does that sometimes 😉 and I’m staying very optimistic about everything 🙂 I love you Mom, take care of Angela and pregnant Caitlin and engaged Barrett haha love you all! Elder Haughton some pictures of my swollen eye


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2 thoughts on “Elder Dillon Haughton 25th Letter From Thailand

  1. Kari Lynn Haughton on said:

    Hello there Dillon ! Sure miss you! Your eye gives you a definate Popeye look. LOL! Love you! Be Safe

  2. Roy and Angela Wilbanks on said:

    Hi,Sweetheart, maybe you should wear your glasses or goggles when riding around on your bike. I,m glad it is better. We love you. Granma and Granpa.

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