Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 27th Letter From Thailand

Ohhh GOSH! This week was crazy!

We had this amazing holiday called Loi Gratong, where you light little flowers and let them off on the river. We went to pass out English flyers and it was amazing how MANY people were really there! It was a blast with people just throwing explosives in the air, firework sticks, cars with stereo systems that shook the cars they were on, lights, floating lanterns – just an Asian party (haha). We got to light our flowers and put them on the river then got back to passing out English flyers. It was so incredible. Thailand is amazing!

Another crazy story. We went to go visit a less active. We rode a Song Teeo. (vehicle of transportation) there then realized we had no way to get back. We were 14 kilos away from the city. So we started walking and walking and this random guy pulls over and says “Where you go? Where you go?” (haha) He was nice enough to give us a ride, thankfully. He wasn’t interested in the church at all, but we were lucky to get home 🙂 God watches over his servants when they’re doing stuff directed by the spirit.

We’ve helped a lot of people this week and I’ve really felt that just simple visits uplift and empower people to do great things. We have a Sister Oom who is very close to baptism. She’s been doing way great!

We also have another investigator who asks way way good questions! “What’s the Urim and Thummim?” “Why does God let bad people do bad things?” “Why did God call Joseph Smith and not someone else?” “So Nephi was commanded to kill his own brother?” (etc. etc. haha) Her scriptures are already marked up beyond reading the actual text (haha). She’s way great (Sister Joy and Gem her daughter).

We also took some time to call some “Formers” this week. One of which answered and immediately said she’d be at church the next day. The next day she comes to church and she wasn’t quite all there in the head. In the gospel class she starts laying down on the chairs and falling asleep. When she wakes up at the end of class the chair in swimming in drool. We couldn’t explain it. It was hilarious! Be careful about former investigators you call.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the difficulties I’ve been having in this area. Know that there will always be opposition to the work of God, but God is God and He will deliver you. Despite trials and needing to express those trials to family members, I ask you to understand I’m still having so much fun!! I’m still helping so many people and I still love were I am serving. I love it, I love it 🙂 I see amazing things. I’m speaking amazing words. I have an amazing companion and amazing mission president and I’m having an amazing mission 🙂 I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it has helped me find my soul 🙂 I ask my family not worry, I’ll talk to you on Christmas 🙂

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