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Happy Birthday Elder Haughton, Letter 30

Great birthday filled with moogata, family videos and great, great people here in Bangkhaen 🙂 kind of an interesting week.
Some funny experiences this last week. We have an investigator whose gone to church most of her life just never got baptized. We wanted her to meet with the branch president so we asked one of her member friends to help her out. So he said “hey, come over here” and walks into the branch presidents office with her then turns around walks out and closes the door hahaha she came out 20 minutes later glaring at the member. We all just smiled 🙂 not the most effective way but really funny :). Another funny experience, one of the members here has a pet sugar glider (a crazy demon squirrel thing) and my companion goes to pet it threw the cage and it starts raving on his finger haha!! He just stares at it in shock then realizing it hurts runs away hahaha little bugger drew some blood. Then awhile later the member comes and takes it out of the cage and we all dive for the couch on the other side of the room, all trying to sink into the couch haha way funny. Four grown men scared of a possessed sugar glider! Then while I was sitting down a member comes and sticks his arm behind my back and pulls another one out from off my back!! DONT TRUST SUGAR GLIDERS you never how many are watching hahaha. I love the area I’m serving in. I slowly feel myself becoming more and more high so eating crazy, crazy food and actually caring about my appearance…. way big change for any of you who know me 🙂 things are great. I love my mission! 🙂


Elder Dillon Haughton’s 29th Letter from Thailand

Bangkok is great.

Funny story had my first time translating Thai into English for a church congregation yesterday they all wore headsets and I spoke into a microphone hahaha. For fast and testimony meeting it was rather funny. Some funny quotes said into the microphone “You all need understand this is my first time translating. Most of this translation will be an educated guess.” “Oh she’s talking about how she met the missionaries……no no she’s talking about English class…or no hmmm if anyone knows what she’s talking about please raise your hands….okay no one hmmm…” Haha it was fun :). I’m very good at understanding but communicating it back into English is very very hard!!!

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