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Elder Dillon Haughton 31st Letter from Thailand

We had a baptism this week! I had the opportunity of baptizing Sister Mik this last Wednesday while the other Elders in the district baptized Sister Nik. It was a very great experience for both of them. A very hectic one for us because we had three Chinese girls come who only one can speak English and they have really been wanting to learn but language has been an issue so we finally arranged a lesson the same day as the baptism with sister Chan, the international sister here who is from Hong Kong. So I’m running around in white clothes, taking pictures/ arranging a lesson and trying to get them stalled so other investigators can see the baptism as well hahaha. I must say I handled it almost gracefully. Somehow everything worked out and the spirit was so strong :). After wards we get the call to go to moves meeting. Show up and our district is sitting together (the two other guys in my district being Khon Thai) sitting in front of me and they get to the slide who will be my next companion and Elder Thanawut shows up (a Knon Thai) and both of them leap up in the air and start cheering yeah! Funniest thing ever, because I’m not speaking English for the next transfer and they know it haha. In the taxi ride home they were saying your gonna speak the best Thai in the mission remember your own name Elder Haston? hafffton?? Hahaha! Next transfer will definitely be interesting especially with service missionaries being sent out in Laos now 🙂 that’s amazing our Mission President is the best for sure. We had district conference that was amazing our new converts went and had a great time :). President Senior even bore his testimony in Thai and the missionary in the zone all sang for everyone unfortunately I was the only one who could sing tenor…..it was an interesting performance hahaha. And now we going bowling today :). Expect my English to be getting worse for sure and Thai getting better already hahaha. Loving my mission experience, these are historic times. I know God is real and that this is his church on earth not because of what he gives me but because of what I’m willing to give up for him and I know, I know he hears every single prayer, every single heart beat doesn’t go unnoticed to him and loves us all just because we are his. I don’t wanna waste a single second of this life :). Love you all! Take care 🙂
Letter from Mission President

Dear Missionaries,

Please use this verbiage regarding Laos in your email to your parents this week:

“By invitation, the Thailand Bangkok Mission received approval to have four young service volunteers to labor in Vientiane, Laos. These service volunteers will work with Deseret International Charities under the direction of the Senior Couples who are located in Vientiane, and will be involved in a variety of humanitarian and educational service opportunities, including clean water projects, hygiene, neo-natal education and English language instruction. The young volunteers will also support the Branch activities of the Laotian Saints in Vientiane, Laos. The Church is not yet officially recognized in Laos and this recent activity is for the purpose of providing additional educational and humanitarian service.”

Thank you.

David M. Senior


Thailand Bangkok Mission



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