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Elder Dillon Haughton 34th Letter from Thailand

I’m not in Surin. I’m in Budhiram. It’s close to Surin. So here’s the story. It’s a doosy. My name wasn’t on the moves, so I’m told I will go to Surin with Elder Nirut, my current new companion again a native Thai. Surin is great, its elephant capital and a lot of foreign influence and I’m with another Thai companion I’m happy. Afterward the meeting my district leader comes up and tells me I’m going to Budhiram. History of Budhiram, two transfers before the missionaries got emergency swapped due to reasons unannounced so for a month and a half there haven’t been missionaries here.
So it’s a lot of work busting our guts to get bikes, luggage of 3 Elders to surin and moving my comp stuff from Surin to Budhiram. The first day we are here, the entire city has its water shut off. We go out not showering visiting members cant poop or pee, luckily that night it turned on we filled up a bathtub in our house with water before the water shut off again. There might be running water right now? We figure out the showers broken anyway so we use water from the bathtub and poured it over ourselves and when the water is on fill it up again haha. There was no clean water in the house and we figure this out on Sunday so we can’t buy any so we drank coconut milk. Luckily there’s a coconut tree at our house. The coconut tree is terrifying with insects bigger than your foot crawling around haha. The branch is small. I was able to bless the bread in Thai though. It’s been an adventure. For some reason I’m doing okay. The spirit of God is lightening my burdens for sure and I’m learning how to live a way I’ve never lived before haha. No hot water and barely having running water. I exercise every morning though at the university track by our house and I love that!! I love and miss all of you…


Elder Dillon Haughton 33rd Letter from Thailand

This week has been a blast!! So much fun this last week, some mistakes, some forgiveness and always improving I love it! So this week started off with family home evening at the branch president’s house and I ask if they need any help and sister Noy (such a great lady haha) goes “yeah your making the food.” She gives me all these cooking utensils and starts dumping vegetables in the skillet hahaha hilarious I got brother Arm taking pictures and couching me how to cook Thai food. “Stir faster, no no the other way, flip it flip it, oh no it’s burning!! Haha all the while in a language were my cooking vocabulary is very limited haha but none the less it came out as something I remember eating a lot with my mom back home, a lot like EDO only tasted healthier haha a lot of fun. Then went to My 1 year mark! We went and ate Sushi haha, this make it yourself conveyer belt restaurant which was a lot of fun! About an hour into it we were all going to explode haha! Great one year mark :). Next we found some members, found some that moved away, some that don’t want to come back all the while looking for a new house. Sunday had 75 people at church, which is awesome!! Another funny story is the members here are starting to be more careful with their vocabulary around me. Because I have a notebook I carry around and whenever I hear a word I don’t know I’ll write it down or ask them to write it down, ask for a simple definition, then look the word up when I get home then try to use it the next day. Fun stuff. I’ve been doing this for a while and am on my second notebook, which is impressive if I need say so myself. But one of the members got a hold of the book and all started laughing at some of the vocabulary I had learned “Who taught you this!” do you actually know this word! haha way funny! Five weeks with all natives surrounding me I’m starting to feel like I have a grasp on the language 🙂 Oh!! And we have a baptism on Tuesday 🙂 love you all! BYE!

Elder Dillon Haughton 32nd Letter from Thailand

This week we had a huge activity at the park Catujak for all the new members which was a lot of fun highlights were taking an army bus to the park and back and people digging threw noodles and chicken feet to get 5 bath haha. Rained this Sunday we were going out to find a ride back home from church I give Elder Thanawut the umbrella and he says “what about you?” I say “ummm I’m a falug” (because Thai people believe if rain touches there head they get sick) but foreigners there okay haha he just laughed and we walked out into the rain.
My year marks this next week. The 7th I think. Another year I’ll be home but before that there’s a ton to do haha. People cant believe I’ve been out for a year they might just be saying that but I take it as a compliment. Life’s not easy but its fun 🙂 its going by like a music video almost with all the laughing, taking pictures, teaching, trials, smiles and almost poetic life lessons being learned.
1. Year mark lessons learned: Don’t spend money you don’t have
2. Don’t make someone do something you want to do, make what you want to do something they want to do.
3. I’ll try mean’s, I’m not going to do it.
4. Memory is the best photo album.
5. Thai is a freakin hard language.
6. Something’s can last forever, its about figuring out what will and investing time in that.
7. The only easy day was yesterday.
8. Staying up all night laughing sometimes leaves you more rested
9. That you don’t know what you got till its gone…… if you stupid
10. Blonde hair rocks!
11. Balance is important, but its more important when your on a plank crossing a shark tank
12. There’s nothing good about goodbye so say see you later!!
13. Jesus Christ is the savior of the entire world!!
14. Don’t be afraid of change! Slap change in the face and say change! Yes that’s written correctly
15. I love music
16. Never send gifts to people, send love, instead its cheeper 🙂
17. Giving up is easy until tomorrow when you’ve come to your senses
18. I love my family, my God, my Savior 🙂
19. Being a missionary is great 🙂
I love you family 🙂
See ya in a year!
Elder Haughton

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