Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

Missionary Blog updated by Dillon's Mom

Elder Dillon Haughton 34th Letter from Thailand

I’m not in Surin. I’m in Budhiram. It’s close to Surin. So here’s the story. It’s a doosy. My name wasn’t on the moves, so I’m told I will go to Surin with Elder Nirut, my current new companion again a native Thai. Surin is great, its elephant capital and a lot of foreign influence and I’m with another Thai companion I’m happy. Afterward the meeting my district leader comes up and tells me I’m going to Budhiram. History of Budhiram, two transfers before the missionaries got emergency swapped due to reasons unannounced so for a month and a half there haven’t been missionaries here.
So it’s a lot of work busting our guts to get bikes, luggage of 3 Elders to surin and moving my comp stuff from Surin to Budhiram. The first day we are here, the entire city has its water shut off. We go out not showering visiting members cant poop or pee, luckily that night it turned on we filled up a bathtub in our house with water before the water shut off again. There might be running water right now? We figure out the showers broken anyway so we use water from the bathtub and poured it over ourselves and when the water is on fill it up again haha. There was no clean water in the house and we figure this out on Sunday so we can’t buy any so we drank coconut milk. Luckily there’s a coconut tree at our house. The coconut tree is terrifying with insects bigger than your foot crawling around haha. The branch is small. I was able to bless the bread in Thai though. It’s been an adventure. For some reason I’m doing okay. The spirit of God is lightening my burdens for sure and I’m learning how to live a way I’ve never lived before haha. No hot water and barely having running water. I exercise every morning though at the university track by our house and I love that!! I love and miss all of you…


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