Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

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Elder Dillon Haughton 35th Letter from Thailand

HEEEY WHATS UP!! Things are great! We had a good week number wise haha and a new investigator/ dater named too too. Things have also been kinda crazy. Here are some crazy experiences.
One very hot day, invited and visited members all day ended up visiting one sister who’s been having a very hard time and sharing scriptures with her that had the final role in deciding whether she was going to go to church or not, she did :). Then its starts raining, so we get going home in the pouring rain. Me on my bike with no handle bars and screaming YEAH!!! Because you don’t get rain like this all the time let alone have the opportunity to bike in it haha. We get to the house both soaking wet and find out our house has millions of holes in the roof so I’m running around getting buckets to cover all the spills and I ask my companion “are you gonna help?” he responded “I’ve lived in worse houses then this before we will be okay, your getting a good experience haha”. Really pondering that comment. I learned a lot about my companion, a native Thai, parents are not members don’t want him serving a mission, lived in crap houses but worked his own way out of it into college and decided to put it all on hold to serve a mission, thinking he would go foreign because he can speak English and getting called to his own country willing to serve anyway, all because he wanted to get to know Christ even better. And because our house doesn’t have many mirrors, I looked into the window and got to see a reflection of myself and really got to see what I’ve become what I’m becoming. Its marvelous what a mission can do.
Things are great, no matter how dark things get, With God, intelligence, determination, and whole lot of faith, anything is possible 🙂

Elder Haughton


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