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Elder Dillon Haughton’s 60th Letter from Thailand

Surin is the hottest area I’ve ever served in!! It almost never rains haha BUT on Wednesday this week we got stuck in the house because it’s raining like crazy. We had an appointment with an investigator so we brave the storm and leave the house to find Surin completely under water!!!! We tried biking but on the bike the waters up to my knees. Standing up the waters up to my waist haha it was insane, I loveed it!! Such a crazy experience having to go teach with a flood in the way, providing service, fixing bikes and helping people get to safe areas while we go. That was crazy!

No investigators came to church despite our efforts and only 27 members came this week as well. SO that’s been disappointing:( but we do what we can and yes I’m very happy 😉 love you all!


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