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A pause, more moments
twists and turns
with desire to stop
for this I yearn

Head up, look around
is life to be found
more ahead, make no sound
dig deep or be bound

Time to prove, amazing again
My spirit knows this is the end
guards and protects
with a mighty force

A pause, a moment
rise and begin
I am here with Him
this purpose to the end

By: Charlene Haughton

It’s been 2 months since my last chemotherapy treatment. It has been a wonderful break. While my team of doctor’s tried to figure out the best course of action, I settled in for the holiday’s, with kids and grandkids coming and going. I still see so many tender mercies all around. A wonderful Bishop and ward family. A friend to walk with – thank you Anita. A great book on Psalms to read – thank you Valli. Sister’s to laugh with – thank you Beth, Marci & Jane. People who continue to inspire me just to name a few. My friend Cheri who offered free yoga classes to people living with cancer. Dr. Bang with his generous heart for healing. Michelle for her creative flare. My soon to be Aunt Tammy with her kind texts. Probably the most inspiring tender mercy recently has been a Coach purse – thank you Heidi for the laughs, love and all the above.

As I start the new year, looking forward to what will truly be the most challenging year of my life, I wanted to create an anchor to ground me. I thought of my purpose in life. Which leads me to my patriarchal blessing. Remembering who I am, a daughter of God. Why I’m here, to be a mother, with the ability to raise my family. My anchor, I didn’t have to look to far, it’s Him. Him whom I love and always vow to serve. I hear His voice and He speaks to me in the stillness of my soul. With Him I know I am anchored, I know I’m home.

Tomorrow I will have the procedure of having radiation beads inserted into my liver. Shortly after that I will start another round of chemotherapy. Hoping I will have another amazing response. So we can revisit having all the tumors surgically removed. During which time my youngest daughter will be getting married. A grand baby will be born. Life will go on. Head up, living will be around!






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