Elder Dillon Haughton in Thailand

Missionary Blog updated by Dillon's Mom


Dear Family,
      You cant imagine what a blessing it is to receive a letter from a family member everyday this last week. except for some days but still your love means so much to me.
     Mom got some hilarious pictures that youll hate to see and ill get those to you probably by sending my S.D card over in an envelope you can buy everything so cheap at the bookstore another S.d card is only 8 dollars. Ive only spent 8 dollars on my Card for food ion the temple cafeteria and it is amazing!!
      Dad, Dude!! hows the B.A superintendent with the gun. you want thai. phii chobb chuay dieg dieg lol i am learing how to read and write but not so good at typing. but i can pray and bear testimopny in thai. not so much powerful. The investigator Top turned out to be our second teacher it was so weird to hear him speak english!! but hes a great guy Brother Chuu along with Brother Olsen we are learning alot so fast and still teaching them as if they were investigatores ALL IN THAI which is incredably! frustrating because the language is very difficult. but probiday bon sawan rag phom, phom reuu ca dii maag.the grammar is frustrating as well not sure if thats spelled out right.
     Cool things about thailand, you have to squat when you talk to people about the gospel on the street while keeping your entire foot on the ground try this, its hard so ill make some monster calves when i get home, also they are very touchy feely our teacher said its not uncommon that randomly during a lesson theyll just grab your thigh haha or elbow he says just join in on it haha sounds like my kinda place. But i love you all I receive Revelation unmistakably from God daily i breathe with purpose the more i learn about the thai language and people the more I relize the gravity of my Call.
     There is an MTC choir in general conference that i might be chosen to sing in. I will let you know and you must let Churchill know if i am singing in it. My time is almost up though. I dont need anything the lord has provided me with more than enough, i will be sending you guys tons of presents of thailand though for i am forever indebted to you and the lord for this experience. and In Alittle While Surely youll be mine, In alittle while ill be there, in alittle while this hurt will hurt no more and ill be home, no….and when the night takes a deep breathe and the day light has no end, if i crawl i wont come crawling home but i knowyoull be there. Gosh i miss music! SAW WAT DII KRAP KRAPKRUA! CHOC DII KHRAP!



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