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Elder Dillon Haughton’s 29th Letter from Thailand

Bangkok is great.

Funny story had my first time translating Thai into English for a church congregation yesterday they all wore headsets and I spoke into a microphone hahaha. For fast and testimony meeting it was rather funny. Some funny quotes said into the microphone “You all need understand this is my first time translating. Most of this translation will be an educated guess.” “Oh she’s talking about how she met the missionaries……no no she’s talking about English class…or no hmmm if anyone knows what she’s talking about please raise your hands….okay no one hmmm…” Haha it was fun :). I’m very good at understanding but communicating it back into English is very very hard!!!


Elder Dillon Haughton 28th Letter from Thailand

Okay so a lot has been going on. First off I’ve been transferred to Bangkok the geographical biggest city in the world! It’s huge!!!! And super super high tech! It blows my mind! The biggest market in the world is in our area as well and had some fun handing out English flyers at that. My new companions great and we are having a ton of fun in the big city! We of course have to go home early for new years because it gets insanely crazy after dark haha!! But to honor the parting spirit we are here at MBK a huge shopping center in Bangkok and its huge!! I’m constantly amazed at how amazing and high everything is over here on this side of the world. We have a lot of great people and it’s so easy to talk to people because people are constantly around you here.

Last week was great got to talk to my family kind of because of bad internet connection but great seeing there faces 🙂 Hope you all know things are great I LOVE THE CITY!!!! SO MUCH!!! Take care everyone have a happy new year! Set good goals and don’t forget to party 🙂 within the bounds God has set………. 😉

Elder Dillon Haughton 27th Letter From Thailand

Ohhh GOSH! This week was crazy!

We had this amazing holiday called Loi Gratong, where you light little flowers and let them off on the river. We went to pass out English flyers and it was amazing how MANY people were really there! It was a blast with people just throwing explosives in the air, firework sticks, cars with stereo systems that shook the cars they were on, lights, floating lanterns – just an Asian party (haha). We got to light our flowers and put them on the river then got back to passing out English flyers. It was so incredible. Thailand is amazing!

Another crazy story. We went to go visit a less active. We rode a Song Teeo. (vehicle of transportation) there then realized we had no way to get back. We were 14 kilos away from the city. So we started walking and walking and this random guy pulls over and says “Where you go? Where you go?” (haha) He was nice enough to give us a ride, thankfully. He wasn’t interested in the church at all, but we were lucky to get home 🙂 God watches over his servants when they’re doing stuff directed by the spirit.

We’ve helped a lot of people this week and I’ve really felt that just simple visits uplift and empower people to do great things. We have a Sister Oom who is very close to baptism. She’s been doing way great!

We also have another investigator who asks way way good questions! “What’s the Urim and Thummim?” “Why does God let bad people do bad things?” “Why did God call Joseph Smith and not someone else?” “So Nephi was commanded to kill his own brother?” (etc. etc. haha) Her scriptures are already marked up beyond reading the actual text (haha). She’s way great (Sister Joy and Gem her daughter).

We also took some time to call some “Formers” this week. One of which answered and immediately said she’d be at church the next day. The next day she comes to church and she wasn’t quite all there in the head. In the gospel class she starts laying down on the chairs and falling asleep. When she wakes up at the end of class the chair in swimming in drool. We couldn’t explain it. It was hilarious! Be careful about former investigators you call.

I’m sure a lot of you have heard about the difficulties I’ve been having in this area. Know that there will always be opposition to the work of God, but God is God and He will deliver you. Despite trials and needing to express those trials to family members, I ask you to understand I’m still having so much fun!! I’m still helping so many people and I still love were I am serving. I love it, I love it 🙂 I see amazing things. I’m speaking amazing words. I have an amazing companion and amazing mission president and I’m having an amazing mission 🙂 I wouldn’t trade it for the world because it has helped me find my soul 🙂 I ask my family not worry, I’ll talk to you on Christmas 🙂

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Elder Dillon Haughton 25th Letter From Thailand

Things have been way crazy this week, going down to Bangkok, swapping companions and going all the way back, my new companion was actually in the MTC with me. He was the group ahead of me, Elder Bennett. So we have an Elder on transfers 6 and an Elder on transfers 5 here in a tough area, but we know what we are doing! This last Saturday we were biking and a bug flew into my eye (a huge bug) and my eye swelled up way bad. Bought some antibiotic eye drops and slept on it but didn’t look better so we went to the hospital on Sunday haha (first Thai hospital experience) and they were much more friendly than American doctors and nurses which I loved, but laying me on a table and squirting eye solution into my eye and giving me a ton of medicine to take, they said I got some eye damage…..I think lol it was a crazy situations but it looks a lot a lot better now so no need to worry. It was a good experience. We made it to church on time but my eye was still swollen then so I had to wear sun glasses to hide it which was way funny. Everyone called me MIB or Matrix haha that was actually way fun. So yeah the week has been kind of hard and we are back to having only a handful of investigators so the month is looking like a stress but life does that sometimes 😉 and I’m staying very optimistic about everything 🙂 I love you Mom, take care of Angela and pregnant Caitlin and engaged Barrett haha love you all! Elder Haughton some pictures of my swollen eye

Elder Dillon Haughton 22nd Letter from Thailand

HEY!! So this entire month has been crazy!! So in the beginning of the month we thought it was just a week long festival where kids play with fireworks and light off lanterns in the sky, but after the week it didn’t stop and turns out its a month long event and on the 30th they all light off lanterns. Over time the little firecrackers, have become fireworks and fireworks have just become full size bombs haha! We’ll just be studying or biking and you’ll just hear these random explosions go off! October in Thailand it’s crazy (the bombs are toys though, not terrorist related what so ever although I hear kids blow there fingers off all the time). We as missionaries aren’t aloud to play with explosive 😦 but we have been doing a lot with lantern lighting, its way fun and sometimes I do find myself singing “Now at last I see the light and its like the fog has lifted!” and so on. We’ve seen a lot of progress in investigators and getting new ones and really just stabilizing the work here for us. It’s a lot of fun! Also this week has been Week JADE which is a Chinese holiday were every one doesn’t eat meat at all, that “some” Thai people do it last about 10 days and I made it one whole day!! But they snuck in some meat in my guitio so I finally gave in hahaha. There’s all this free vegan food going around and we went and tried it out on Friday and well I and seems like 75% of the branch got food poisoning from it haha so Saturday night I was stuck on the toilet all night (sorry in Thai culture its not weird to talk about toilet or diarrhea, or stuff of that sort) managed to make it to church though and had a ton of people there! God is definitely in the work.
Also my younger Sister asked me a question awhile back that I’ve finally just got the answer too. What’s the hardest thing about being on a mission? It’s meeting new people, helping them change, helping them be baptized, helping them understand truth and seeing how much it blesses them, making friends and even family and then having to say goodbye…..there are some days when I really miss those in Chiang Rai, the people back home you’ll see again but the people you meet on your mission you can only pray threw Gods grace you’ll get to see them again. It’s a daunting prospect and I wish I understood it before coming on a mission. But it can’t stop you from loving the people with all your heart, because Christ had to leave his friends and loved ones too. Maybe it just prepares us to be more like him :). I’m grateful for this time of my life, to be a servant of the Savior j Jesus Christ, I know he lives and that through him we all might live and see our friends, our families again and when we stand at the judgment bar of God we will be surprised at how many we have not forgotten :).

Elder Dillon Haughton’s 21st letter from Thailand

Hey! Not a lot of time to write today! I cut down coconuts, teaching a good man, chopped down a forest in a member’s back yard, lighted off tangled lanterns (yes tangled) and watched General Conference yeah! Love you 🙂 love life ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! NEXT WEEK I WILL WRITE MORE!!!

If you would like to write Dillon here is his address:
Elder Dillon Haughton
Thailand Bangkok Mission
1645/6 New Phetchburi Road
Makkasan, Ratchathewi
Bangkok, 10400

Elder Dillon Haughton 20th Letter from Thailand


1] Learn how to be thrifty with money, there’s a lot of money involved in the work for travel and eating if your good with it, your mission president will like you and will trust you haha

2] Know how to live without your family. So many missionaries get care packages from there family every week, don’t do that to your family, where ever you’ll go God will provide for you in plenty

3] Learn how to read people, its a sketchy world, the spirit will help you but I think some things people do should be obvious if we are just smart

4] Lock your heart!! People will try to marry you! Be careful and love like Christ did

5] Have charity, Christians should have charity, nothing is more impressive than someone that has charity and is honest in all their doings

6] Get ready to have the best, most amazing, more best, most rewarding, more stressful, most pressuring, most entertaining, most growing, stretching, learning, funniest, tiring, changing experience of your life 🙂

7] Know how to study

8] Leave yourself at home,

9] Have a relationship with your Savior and Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost

10] Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, two times a day for 5 minutes isn’t enough

Send Chiang Rai my love and know that I love Mahasarakom it is way way beautiful 😉

Elder Dillon Haughton 19th letter from Thailand

Ha….Ha….Ha so I got transferred right. My new area had a girl getting baptized, she’s fifteen and had been going to church for 3 weeks. She had passed her interview and everything was set up for the baptism Saturday (I got here Friday) and apparently they didn’t know the rule that if there younger than 16 they have to go to church for 3 months if they’re family isn’t getting baptized with them…….So I told my new companion that rule and we tried to get special permission from the district leader, then the zone leader then the assistance and I think it even went to the mission president. No one wants to tell a 15 year old girl who’s ready to get baptized the next day you’ve gotta wait another 2 months!! But we couldn’t get it throw so we had to cancel the baptism 😦 I had not have even met this girl yet but we needed to be obedient 😦 way sad and I’m pretty sure my new companion does not like me because of that that and my Thai is still very bad. But we are working it out. My new area is great! Mahasarakham down in the Isaan and a lot of fun! The sky is always full of dust like I’ve never seen before and there are girls everywhere! There is a lot of beautiful ponds and rice fields everywhere! This Sunday was a Buddhist holiday here that had something to do with fireworks. So everywhere there were kids blowing stuff up haha a lot of fun hopefully none of them got hurt….unlikely…..
Its great here 🙂 the members are way way sweet, I hope I can get as close to them as I was in Chiang Rai. I miss them all so much and there will always be little things that remind me of them up there. LACTOSOY 5 BATH or CHANG CHANG CHANG nong curry hen chang ree plow? Or even whenever someone speaks Chinese or the northern dialect I’m just like hey hey come back haha! Great times which I’m sure none of you understand If anyone from Chiang Rai is reading this Know I love you guys so much! Keep the work going and know I’m praying for you all 🙂 Oh, and everyone else…..how was your weekend? 🙂

Elder Dillon Haughton 18th Letter from Thailand

I am amazing. Things are amazing. I’m better from my sickness. My voice is back fully. Brother Form and Tha were baptized this Saturday and I got to baptize Brother Tha 🙂 my Thai isn’t as good as I thought because I needed to do the ordinance three times hahahaha way embarrassing but memorable non the less :). This Sunday, well this Sunday I knelt down in prayer, and reflecting on the examples of some members here, and began to weep. I was consumed with the love of God and ever since that prayer and the experience I’ve had a change of heart, With a determination to not do evil, to be exactly obedient, to fear god and recognize my own nothingness in all things I do. I will praise my God forever for that experience and what I felt during that prayer. I walked back into the room were Elder Osborne was face all swollen from crying hahaha and just said DUDE!! I love God so much!! I’ve really gotten close to Elder Osborne during this time. It is sad because I might be moving :/ I love Chiang Rai so much! This morning we woke up at 2 am to go see the sunrise on the tallest mountain in Thailand. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay pretty 🙂 most incredible thing I’ll probably ever see. Hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂 Your Elder Haughton 🙂

Elder Dillon Haughton 17th Letter from Thailand

Okay you would not believe the hell I had to travel through to get to this computer to email! Living it up in Chiang Mai, had to come down for District Conference and it was amazing!! Everyone was commenting on how many more people they had from Chiang Rai this year. PRIDE BOOST! To bad my prides kinda gone because I’ve been sick the past couple of days. I’m all better and have not taken any days off working, working my butt into the ground, including sleeping on the floor in the elders house here. Everything is good except my voice sounds absolutely horrid haha! Hoping its better by the time we get back to Chiang Rai. But yeah so district conference was great Elder Gong from the seventy came! It was amazing Love that man!! During the meeting we needed to get all these translating equipment to the folks that couldn’t speak Thai and some of the equipment didn’t work. It was stressful. So yeah way spiritual experience this one guy showed up who only spoke French and we had no translators for him………and I took three years in high school…….you know what that means to a fluent French speaker?……..nothing. I suck at French but I sat by him and drew what the speakers were talking about his kids laughed haha a lot of fun! So yeah headed back for Chiang Rai later today. People preparing to serve a mission, be prepared to live out of a backpack. Have lots of personal money, and have a relationship with your Father in Heaven 🙂 nothing is more important in conversation for people. Also had an investigator pass his interview!! Baptism Saturday Woo! 🙂

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